About Me

Pastry Chef | Cake Artist | Bakery Business Coach

Pastry Chef

Cake Artist

Bakery Business Coach

My Vision

My Vision is to create top-notch quality Educational resources and courses that facilitate students in building successful businesses.

How am I different?

I’ve always been known for being honest, authentic & transparent. I am here to teach you what other tutors dont & share business secrets that other experts wont. I want my students to succeed and that my ultimate trophy 🙂

My Mission

My mission through this space is to create a happy, nurturing, supporting and uplifting environment for learning and to connect with bakers all around the world to exchange knowledge. I love to be constantly evolving with new ideas, techniques and recipes which I love to share with you all. So, I warmly welcome you all to my space where we learn, grow together and build successfull and sustainable businesses.


Hi! I ‘m Karthika Sravanthi. I am passionate about food and especially desserts. I was never meant to be a Chef. I met my destiny when I was working in IT right after my college. A casual baking class over a mundane weekend changed my career path and life. None in my family are remotely interested in cooking let alone baking! The day when I baked my first cake with success is a day to be remembered when I really discovered what I really am passionate about.


I quit my job shortly in order to pursue my Diploma de Patisserie at the world’s most prestigious culinary institute – The Le Cordon Bleu. My 9 month tenure here was one of the best days of my life. I learnt and trained under some of the best French Patisserie Chefs and I treasure the knowledge gained.

And then....

I returned to India full of bright ideas but was lost for guidance on how to establish myself is a completely different market such as India. During this period of time I worked as a trainee in a 5-star property in Chennai. With these experiences I embarked on my solo journey of Entrepreneurship. When I look back, I see long work hours, nil holidays, hardships, heartbreaks and a tonne of learning but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I started slow but picked up soon and I was making unique products. Teaching was never in my destiny either. One day, I had a fun baking session with kids. The kids were smart and intelligent. Answering their questions is something I enjoyed much! To be able to teach, you need to be constantly learning and updating yourself. The process of hand holding someone through their learning stages and seeing them succeed gives me pure high My knowledge from pastry school and 8 years of experience gave me an advantage of teaching a huge range of Patisserie and Cake Decorating subjects.