Infinite Possibilities – Eggless

Infinite Possibilities – Eggless

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NOTE: This is a THEORY course. This course discusses recipes that are EGGLESS.

I believe in teaching a concept or a technique that you can go ahead and apply in infinite possible ways to get endless outcomes. Thats exactly what we aim to do in this course. Based on the recipes we’ve learnt so far, we will learn how to modify, tweak and write recipes that will yield so many different flavour combinations based on simple replacement techniques. You’ll be surprised by how many variations you can create!
To understand these variations completely its important that you learn atleast few of the other courses/recipes in the bundle.

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You will need a basic set of tools required for making macarons or cakes. These should be very easily available in any Cake decorating supply store or online. You don’t need any exclusive tools or ingredients for the same.